Tuesday, May 4, 2010


If you had to lose either your voice, your hearing, or your sight, which one would you choose? And why?


  1. Voice, without question. I couldn't survive without being able to hear the piano or see my computer screen. :-)

    Seriously, though, I'd rather loose an output than an input. I can write without using my voice. I could learn ASL. If I was by a computer, I could even talk through text-to-speech program.

    - Jonathan Potter

  2. My Vision.

    I love to speak, and I simply could not go on the rest of my life without carrying on a conversation (using words).
    I would not be hindered by technological devices (they can become quite time consuming), but I would not be able to drive...
    Thankfully, I would still have my ears, so I would be able to hear others clearly and also keep up on my much cherished music. :)

    Good question, Rachel!

  3. hahah i've actually thought of this before, but just whether i would rather lose my sight or hearing...but if i had the choice of any of those three i would say voice... or hearing..i would not like to lose sight though!

  4. My hearing...totally. I couldn't lose my voice...singing is my life. And my sight is WAY to valuable. I treasure looking at everything in this world beautiful! I wonder though...if you lose your hearing, how would you hear yourself and if you were on pitch????

  5. My voice. I like to sing but if I can't hear I can't hear anyone sing or talk, and if I lose my sight I might forget what my family and friends look like after a while.

  6. Well, I definitely would NOT want to lose my sight. I would lose all my freedom, I wouldn't be able to drive a car, go anywhere, etc. Losing my voice would obviously be hard but i would rather hear than talk. yeah, I think I would want to lose my voice.

  7. I'd have to say my hearing. I love looking at beautiful things (nature, art...) and I like talking way too much. ;)


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