Tuesday, May 18, 2010


One French Republican, by writing and analyzing, has produced the following:–


Which, being arranged in the form of a sentence, gives, ‘Napoleon on o leon leon eon apoleon poleon‘–which is the Greek for ‘Napoleon, being the lion of the people, was marching on, destroying the cities!‘

– Appleton Morgan, Macaronic Poetry, 1872

Friday, May 7, 2010

I made it!!!!!

Hey! I'm doing fine! The worst part was the IV in the arm, but I was only aware of that for a minute or so before drifting off. I remember waking up and walking out and trying to send a text message to my friends to tell them I was ok, and having a hard time doing that. After that, I don't remember the drive home, which consisted of stopping by the store, stopping by McDonalds, and picking my brother up from the library. Got home, lay down on the couch, and slept for about two hours. Woke up and felt pretty good, just a bit woozy. Can remember everything after that. :) Watched "You've Got Mail" and "Rear Window" last night. I'm mostly up and about today, but probably will do a lot of resting on the couch. Plan to go to L'Abri tonight! And, I'm very thankful to have avoided the "chipmunk" look! (:P to Christian *hehe*) Thank you all so much for all the prayers!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Prayers please.

I'm having my wisdom teeth removed Thursday at 2 pm. This is my first surgery, and I'm pretty scared of needles. Here's the rundown--laughing gas, then an IV in my arm, then shots in the mouth. I just hope that I'll be "out" by the time they get to my mouth.... I'm planning on being up and around by Friday, as we have L'Abri that night. Then Saturday we have an open house and I'm thinking of going to Titanic again. So I'd appreciate prayers! Thanks!


If you had to lose either your voice, your hearing, or your sight, which one would you choose? And why?