Thursday, December 3, 2009

Early Winter

Winter Snow
by Antonio

Night has conquered, days are shortening.
Leaves have fallen, frost is whitening.

Then lightly falling on the forest,
Softly floating o’er the fields,
Fiercely masking mountains steep
Slowly freezing mighty lakes.

Out of the gray and cloud-filled heavens
From the powerful Lord afar
Pure clean whiteness glaring bright
Blinding men with a glorious sight.

Swirling and whirling while floating and coating,
Dancing round then drifting down.
Quickly covering every dwelling,
A blanket white laid on the realm.

Each flake lovely by itself,
Skillfully harmonizing to create
The earth so strikingly radiant
The earth so dazzlingly brilliant.

Soaring intricacies, marvelous complexities,
Glinting and gleaming, frosting and freezing.
Swiftly snowing o'er the world,
Dancing to a song unsung.