Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Prayers please.

I'm having my wisdom teeth removed Thursday at 2 pm. This is my first surgery, and I'm pretty scared of needles. Here's the rundown--laughing gas, then an IV in my arm, then shots in the mouth. I just hope that I'll be "out" by the time they get to my mouth.... I'm planning on being up and around by Friday, as we have L'Abri that night. Then Saturday we have an open house and I'm thinking of going to Titanic again. So I'd appreciate prayers! Thanks!

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  1. Hey Rachel! I had my wisdom teeth out about 2 years ago. The whole surgery process it just fine! Once you are out..you won't remember anything. Most people don't have much of a problem afterwards either. I think you'll be just fine! I'll pray for you though! =]


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