Monday, September 15, 2008

Orchestra tonight

Tonight is the second night this year of orchestra through HSMA (home school music association). This year, I'm in the first violin section, which means that I'm sitting closer to the front and playing the melody as opposed to harmony most of the time. Which is very nice. But the music is still a little easy. At the first practice, I was reminded (again:)) how different playing in an orchestra is compared to playing solo and taking private lessons. Not only do you have to think about how you sound, but how you sound compared to everyone else. Even if you are hitting the note perfectly on tune, if everybody else is different from that than that means that you have to adjust your tuning, not them. Plus, you can't watch your music all the time or let your eyes wander or whatever, you have to watch both the conducter and the violinists in front of you. I really enjoy playing in an orchestra, however. After I graduate, I'm hoping on getting into a community orchestra or a symphonic orchestra. However, my last violin teacher was in the Battle Creek orchestra and she was near the back of the orchestra (meaning that there were quite a lot of people who are better than her in the orchestra). So my point is, I don't know how easy it will be to get into one. We'll see, however. Got to go, my brother is pestering me for the computer.



  1. Whatever Jonathon has to do on the computer isn't as important as what you are writing. :D

    I should tell you the tuning example Mr. Butler gave our group, it was pretty funny.

  2. I know, but my mom disagrees, and that's what counts. you could come over and talk to her about it if you wanted. ;)

    did the example have something to do with "those evil squeaky string people"?


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