Thursday, September 2, 2010

I thought I would share some pictures from around our place.

Here's Sarah with her 'I'll-smile-and-let-you-take-my-picture-if-you-really-want' face.

Magnificent basil plant in our front flower garden.

Row of fall lettuces my mom put in, also in the front yard.

Chickens in the front yard, right where they don't belong.

"Moving along..."

Peaches with her chicks

Part of our overrun garden, which my mom has been clearing out.

My garden! Tomatoes and Basil.

Some of my beautiful tomatoes, which need to start turning red now!

Red on the maples already?! :-)

This one always turns early.

Peach tree.


Walnut tree

You would think we were gearing up for a bonfire? ;-)

And the blueberry farm across the street.

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