Friday, June 26, 2009

Question for ALL readers

If you are reading this, you must comment...

First, I'd like to see how many people are reading my blog. Even if this is your first time reading my blog, please comment.

Second, as to the content of my blog, would you rather I start posting stuff I have written, or are the quotes and poems fine, or would you like a mix of both? Just wondering what people are thinking out there!



  1. Write for us! I like the quotes and poems too, but I'd rather read original stuff.

    Do you have a site meter? It will give you a decient idea of how many people read your blog. I use . If you are feeling really ambitious, you could try Google Analitics. But that get's pretty complicated.

    Keep it up!

    Jonathan Potter

  2. Hey Rachel! i read your blog! :)
    and for your second question : Both!

  3. Jonathan: I don't have a site meter, I'll have to get one! Thanks for the advice!

    Erin: Hello! I read your blog too. :) Thanks!

  4. I just found your blog from the comment you left on FCN. And, as anyone who lists books by Lewis among their favorites warrants at least a second look, I'll probably be back.


  5. Benji emailed me a comment as he couldn't post it for some reason. So I'm posting it.

    "Hey Rach,

    I went on to your blog for the first time in months, today. I tryed to post a coment on there, but it wouldn't let me. So since it was to you anyway, i'll just let you know by way of email.

    Your top post on your blog asks what is wanted by the public. Well .... i'll tell you what i believe....

    I believe that when you're running anything from a chicken coop to a country, the best thing for you to do is to run it the best way YOU know how. To make the decisions that you believe are right. If you're running something and you ask what the publics opinion is on how you should run it, you'll get it from all sides and end up back at the begining. But when YOU make the decision, and you know that it's for the best, people will look up to your decisoins, and know that the ship is in the hands of a good captin.

    and on the first subject, your wanting to know if we read your blog ..... yes i do. In fact, i answered that one at the begining of this email.

    So, just thought i'd email it to you instead of just giving up. After all .... it's more to you than it is to the public!!!"

    Thank you Benji!

  6. I also discovered your site via FCN. While I haven't had much time to read your work, I'll do what I can when possible. In the meantime, feel free to stop by my site as you see fit.


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